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Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Others Agree on Instant Runoff Voting

There are few issues on which Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, and other parties can all agree. Instant Runoff Voting is one of them. Look at who is supporting IRV from your party!

Democrats Supporting Instant Runoff Voting

  • "And I would have instant run-off voting, so, when you had more candidates than just two, the person with a majority of votes would win. Now, that's what I would like to do." - Statement from former Governor Howard Dean, Democratic candidate for President

  • "I also support 'Instant Runoff Voting.' IRV offers a cost-effective way of insuring that the winning candidate is preferred by a majority of voters; it encourages voters to vote their wishes and not their fears; it promotes greater voter turnout and positive campaigning." - Statement from Democratic candidate for President, Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Republicans Supporting Instant Runoff Voting

  • "The Republican Party of Utah believes in majority rule. That's why we adopted instant runoff voting for party elections and U.S. Congressional nominations. We are also looking to adopt IRV for state elections. Whenever there are more than two candidates in a race, there is a risk that the majority of voters will split among two or more appealing candidates, leaving a candidate with only narrow support as the "top vote getter." The old "plurality winner" rules simply do not assure fair and representative winners. We took the advice of Robert's Rules of Order, which recommends instant runoff voting (called "preferential voting"), and have been very satisfied with the result. Some people expressed concern that it sounded complicated, but we discovered that voters had no difficulty with the rank-order ballots. Not only does it appear to be fair and accurate, but saves substantial time from the old multiple-ballot system, where delegates would leave between successive ballots." - Statement of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

  • Now therefore be it resolved that the Republican Party of Alaska fully supports the Instant Runoff Voting initiative proposition appearing on the August, 2002 Primary Election Ballot. - Resolution adopted by the Republican Party of Alaska in State Convention on May 18, 2002

  • "As a presidential candidate and as a senator, Iíve worked hard to open up the political process for all Americans. Ballot Measure 1 will adopt a fairer voting method called instant runoff voting that will lead to good government because Alaska will elect leaders who have the support of a majority of voters." - Republican Senator John McCain endorsing Alaska's Instant Runoff Voting measure.

Greens Supporting Instant Runoff Voting

  • "We believe in MAJORITY RULE. Accordingly, we call for the use of INSTANT RUNOFF VOTING in chief executive races (mayor, governor, president, etc.) where voters can rank their favorite candidates (1,2,3, etc.) to guarantee that the winner has majority support and that voters aren't relegated to choosing between the "lesser of two evils." - Green Party Platform 2000

  • "We should not allow a candidate who is opposed by the majority of the people to take office, nor should we tell the public that they do not have the right to vote for the person who best represents their views. Instead, we should adopt a system of elections, known as runoffs, used throughout the world, and by cities and counties throughout California." - California Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Miguel Camejo

Libertarians Supporting Instant Runoff Voting

  • "The benefits of IRV are astounding. IRV is a more truly democratic method of voting than our present system because no candidate can be elected without receiving a majority of the vote. IRV eliminates the problem of multiple candidates splitting the vote, throwing elections to less popular 'spoiler' candidates. And IRV would make special runoff elections unnecessary, saving taxpayers time and money while making campaigns less expensive for candidates." - Statement from Juan Ros, Executive Director of the California Libertarian Party.

Paid for by Ferndale for Instant Runoff Voting, Box 20076, Ferndale, MI 48220