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About F-IRV

Ferndale for Instant Runoff Voting (F-IRV) is a coalition of citizens, business owners, and organizations from Ferndale, Michigan and the surrounding community who are working to achieve a more fair, effective, and positive system of elections in Ferndale. The specific goal of F-IRV is to pass the charter amendment proposal, placed on the November 2, 2004 ballot by the City Council, that will allow Ferndale voters to implement Instant Runoff Voting - a full choice voting system - as the method of electing their mayor and city council. We have assembled a list of endorsers, and seek your support in helping to pass this measure.

F-IRV was officially established in October, 2003, and stems from a broader movement for election reform in Michigan known as Michigan Focus on Reforming Elections (M-FORE). M-FORE was created early in 2003 when a diverse group of citizens met in Ferndale to discuss methods of improving the quality of Michigan's electoral process. In addition to F-IRV, M-FORE has inspired numerous other drives to implement Instant Runoff Voting in localities throughout the state. Both M-FORE and F-IRV are part of a widespread national movement for Instant Runoff Voting throughout the U.S.

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